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Moon's Mercy
a novel

         Possessing thought processors that are a hybrid of state-of-the-art processing chips and brains harvested from critically injured dolphins, the Dolphdroids possess a level of artificial intelligence never before achieved.  Self-aware and self-determining, the Dolphdroids have been assigned to live and work as a colony on the moon.  Their mission: to export helium-3 and solar-produced energy to Earth.
         Now, in the year 2075, things have gone terribly wrong.  The lunar colony of Dolphdroids is no longer fulfilling the “Contract of Life” and the order has been given for the termination of the colony.
         Joshua Christopher, the Dolphdroids' creator, now faces the challenge of a lifetime.  He devises a plan, code-named Moon's Mercy, to save the Dolphdroids from annihilation.
        Joshua and the prototype Dolphdroid, Adam, must combine forces in a way that has never been attempted in an effort to save the Dolphdroids.  Journeying to the lunar colony, Adam finds himself a threat to many of the Dolphdroids.  Tension mounts as the termination time approaches.  Will Adam's plan work?  Moon's Mercy is an epic effort of a creator attempting to rescue his creation.